Our Story

Alf+Kelly | WakeBoard Church | Cambodia from Unblind Productions, Inc. on Vimeo.

I am the LORD your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.   –Isaiah 48:17

The Evans’ journey to Cambodia has been a process that began in 2007 when 121 Community Church did a sermon series on the book of Amos.  Through this study, Alf and Kelly learned about God’s heart for justice and His expectation of His children to be involved in righting wrongs.  As part of the Amos Project, the practical application of the study, 121 Community Church established a partnership with International Justice Mission to help fight the injustice of child sex trafficking in Cambodia, and in 2009, Alf was asked to be part of 121’s first vision trip.  After that trip, God’s justice was no longer just some vague Biblical principle to Alf; these kids had names and faces, and had endured unimaginable violence and torture.

Kelly joined Alf in 2010 for 121’s second trip to Cambodia to work at a children’s day camp and to visit several aftercare centers for kids who have been rescued from trafficking.  Alf and Kelly came away from that trip asking “What if it was our son or daughter being trafficked?  What would our response be?  Do we really believe God loves these kids as much as we love our own?”  They knew God was leading them to get involved, but didn’t know how they could really contribute to anti-trafficking work in Cambodia; Alf wakeboarded and discipled people for a living and Kelly was a homeschool mom who informally counseled friends in her living room several times a week.

But God knows the plans He has for His children.  A few months after the second Cambodia trip, Alf and Kelly received a Skype call from Agape International Missions (ARC), an organization that has recently received recognition from the United Nations in best practices for trafficking aftercare. During that call, Alf and Kelly received job offers that fit their gifts perfectly: